An essential resource in delivering quality ultrasound. From exceptional image quality to the ease of use and streamlined ergonomics that helps drive efficient workflow,  the  Voluson™ Performance Series is a cost effective way to join the  Voluson family and bring the benefits of high performance  ultrasound to your patients. Delivering confident, efficient  care across a range of applications including obstetrics, general imaging,   and gynecology to labor & delivery, the Voluson Performance Series is well suited for practice  growth and demanding patients, operating  affordably and reliably for years to come

Voluson Design Innovation

  • Ergonomic design with 17″ inch flat screen monitor provides high-resolution visibility under all lighting conditions and moves independently of the console for easy adjustment and user comfort.
  • Simplified workflow, Optimized key locations specifically designed for easy examination. Fast wake time of ~15 seconds at sleep mode and we have Bar Code scanner for efficient entry of patient information.
  • Fast, secure communication, work under Windows 10 operating system. All data protect sensitive date with Whitelisting and HD encryption.
  • Sophisticated Imaging Support

Superb clarity and detail resolution in 2D images with Voluson Core Architecture

Sophisticated Imaging Support :

Single view

Helps achieve visualization of anatomy in a coronal or semi-coronal plane, and helps improve contrast resolution with selectable slice thickness


Bi-directional Doppler feature that reduces overwriting and increases sensitivity over conventional color Doppler. More sensitive and more clearly.

HD Live

While conventional ultrasound uses a fixed light source that reflects light off the skin surface, HDlive offers a movable virtual light source and calculates the propagation of light through skin and tissue.
Freely position the light at any angle relative to the ultrasound volume to illuminate areas of interest with the trackball. Position the light source behind the acquired volume and you will present the effect of translucency.
It can also help enrich clinician to patient communication, facilitating a more complete understanding of exam results and visual connection.


Simplifies volume rendering by automating render-line placement in 3D and 4D imaging


Performs semi-automated biometry measurements to help reduce keystrokes Measurements available: BPD, HC, AC, HL, and FL


(Sonography-based Nuchal /Intracranial Translucency) – semi-automatic, standardized measurements of nuchal and intracranial translucency


(Sonography-based Automated Volume Count follicle) – Automatically calculates the number, dimensions, and volume of hypoechoic structures in a volume sweep to help monitor patient follicles faster


Transducer Guide

Voluson Performance Series transducers include both 2D, 3D and RealTime 4D technologies. These transducers provide you application flexibility and help you achieve excellent image quality on every exam.  You can count on exceptional images in all applications, from routine OB evaluations, gynecological and General Imaging studies to cardiac, abdominal, vascular, and small parts.

Image Gallery