Connect your Voluson™

  • Tricefy is a cloud based communication and storage solution.
  • Easily and securely share directly from your Voluson™, with both colleagues and patients.
  • Tricefy is the exclusively chosen solution to connect your Voluson™.

Customer Benefits

  • Share images and clips with your patients by the push of a button.
  • Collaborate with colleagues instantly.
  • Save time and money. Replace USB sticks and DVDs.
  • Securely store all your exams and access them anytime, anywhere.
  • Tricefy is already integrated inside all new Voluson™ systems, and comes with 3 months free service

Questions Answers

Q : Is it secure?

A :  Yes. Tricefy is designed with multiple layers of industry leading security technologies and processes. It is also compliant with the legal and regulatory requirements in your country.

Q : Does it work with my EMR?

A : Yes. Tricefy can be smoothly integrated into your EMR, reporting and other IT systems.

Q : What does it cost?

A : Tricefy is a cost-effective solution with no fixed costs or IT investments. You only pay for what you use, either per examination or per ultrasound system. It is certainly cheaper than USB-sticks and DVDs.

Q : Does Tricefy also work with my older ultrasound machines?

A : Yes. Tricefy works with all systems the customer already has. All they need is DICOM support.

Q : Does it work with ViewPoint  and 4D View?

A : Yes. Tricefy has a plugin for ViewPoint 6 allowing you to share and collaborate. You can also seamlessly exchange  volume data between Voluson systems,  ViewPoint and 4D View via Tricefy.


Customer Quotes

“Almost every pregnant woman wants to have pictures of their child to take home. So far, we have had two options. We printed the images and/or provided them CDs. Over time we thought there has to be easier and more efficient solutions to do this, especially since many of our patients are using only tablets and smartphones nowadays. After doing some research we decided to use the Tricefy service.”

“While still being examined the patient receives the images in real time. We often  experience the moms’ eyes sparkling with you when reviewing and sharing pictures and videos with family and friends.”

“[Even more important to us is that] …with this way of sharing images and information  we are using state of the art technology and communication tools.”

“As a physician and specialist for maternal fetal medicine it is important to have a  platform where we are able to access examination results anytime from anywhere and share them with colleagues and other medical specialists. All these possibilities are offered by the Tricefy platform and this is why we use it.”


Pränatal Medizin und Genetik – Düsseldorf, Germany

“I have access to all my data and examinations by using the Tricefy online service. I  can efficiently communicate with colleagues and patients by sharing images clips, and reports. To be able to do all this with one single platform changed my life.”

“What I like most about using Tricefy is that I can consult on all exams at any time and  from anywhere on a secure platform.”

“The most important benefits for me are to handle all patient and examination data with simplicity, traceability and most importantly, confidentiality.”


Institut de Médicine de la Reproduction – Marseille, France.


Customer Quotes cont.

“I got some really great shots of my baby’s face. The pictures are downloadable and I could send it to family and friends in an instant.”


Carnegie Imaging for Women – New York City, U.S.A.

“With Tricefy I’m saving a lot of time when selecting and sending images – means I  got more efficient. Now one click and I’m done. This is time I can now spend with my patients. Also sending video clips to the referring physicians is a huge improvement in justification of a Pathology.   With Trice it is the first time that I have access to examinations from different scanning offices. This is wonderful and became so simple by using your technology It gives me the possibility to share my professional experience in between colleagues and build up better and more intensive relationship.  Images and reports transferred in best quality gives additional medical value. Tricefy is simple and cheap other than traditional solutions which are mostly complicated and expensive. I also feel save by using by sharing medical data in a secure way.”


Clinique des Grangettes – Genève, Switzerland

“I use Tricefy to send the images and videos to my patients instead of burning DVDs  and I really appreciate this service. Most of my patients are absolutely enthusiastic about Tricefy. [..] I was impressed by the simplicity of the installation and would certainly recommend Tricefy to my colleagues in order to be able to collaborate with them in a secure environment.”


Centre d’Exploration Foetale – Lyon, France

“The ability to almost instantly send images to colleagues is extremely useful,  especially when acting as a consultant. I have had several occasions in which I sent images to multiple contributors on a single case including a pediatric surgeon, the referring physician, and a pediatric cardiologist.”


Fetal Diagnostic Centers – Los Angeles, U.S.A.

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