The New Voluson™ S10 Expert Expert Voluson™ S10 Expert helps provide you more of what  you need with advanced imaging  capabilities, opening new pathways to clinical growth. With  the powerful Voluson Core Architecture and access to  expert clinical tools, this ultrasound system is as forward-thinking as your practice. Combined with proven innovation and true investment value, the Voluson S10 Expert will keep your practice at the  forefront of women’s health and empower you to provide the best imaging for the care of your patients.

From the power of the Voluson Core Architecture, the Voluson S10 Expert brings you even more of what you demand of an ultrasound system:
• Confidence with superb 2D and 3D/4D imaging, optimized for clarity and detail.
• Vibrant visualization of anatomy and function with advanced color Doppler
• Consistent image quality even in the most difficult to image patients with
exceptional penetration

Patient demands and time pressures are high. To succeed, your practice
requires exceptional and efficient imaging – helping you to provide
answers for your patients while managing your busy practice. With easy-to-use automation tools you can streamline your workflow, decrease exam complexity while increasing consistency. Voluson’s Sono-automation technologies help improve reproducibility of obstetric and
gynecologic exams while documenting for quality assurance purposes, helping you accomplish more each day while empowering you to deliver the best SIGNA TURE SERIES care to your patients.

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